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White-bred is no wonder

11 Aug

Welcome those of you that are just beginning to read this blog, for months in dire need of TLC. Tragic, but c’est la vie. Many of you read in my final Nibbles column that I’ll be dishing on goings on around town, food news and the like here now. And, as always, I want to hear from you.

That said, I’ve been meaning to write this post for awhile…

I didn’t set out to be a food snob, nor do I really consider myself such, but I have standards when it comes to ordering ethnic food: if it’s the most popular dish on the menu, it’s too embarrassing to order.  It’s like I don’t trust the general population, and it kinda goes with my last post about not being concerned with the conventional or popular. Slapping an ethnic label on the following dishes doesn’t give them an ounce of authentibility (authenticity + credibility = you’re welcome). I’m dying for you to chime in on this one.

1. Chinese – Orange Chicken – Right, it’s not really even Chinese food, I guess. I wouldn’t be caught dead ordering this anywhere, except maybe Panda Express when I’m so exhausted I can’t muster the energy to make a decent meal. Even then, I’d probably go for the Mandarin Chicken. And even then, I’d probably try to find the hole-in-the-wall Chinese place that, so far, doesn’t appear to exist in my suburban neighborhood.

2. Thai – Pad Thai – I might get some backlash for this one. Pad Thai’s a perfectly delicious, albeit it a little too sweet, dish…for the masses. Yet Pad See Ew is SUCH a superior dish. I can’t bring myself to order this, nor do I want to.  A perfect evening for me? Larb, a plate of Pad See Ew and Panang Curry at Chedi Thai Bistro — and a nap.

3. Japanese – California Roll – Also not really considered sushi, I know. Then again, anything I have to use my hand to eat isn’t Japanese-style sushi…which is fine. There’s room in my heart for American sushi, too (thank you, Station Sushi). Occasionally, I WILL order a meal that includes a side of Cali Roll. But you know what nearly eponymous dish I’ll never order? …

4. Mexican – California Burrito – Hell no.  I made a new friend at a media dinner the other night and we began talking taco shops. Given that he grew up near Torrey Pines, I pegged him as a Roberto’s guy. I was right. Then, like clockwork, he admitted his love for the worst excuse for a burrito I’ve ever heard of. I wasn’t surprised, but I was disappointed. He understood. Meat and potatoes = Frontier Food.

I might have to add to this list later. For now, I leave you pondering these stunners. What dishes get your goat?